Film and TV

Films:David Westn TV
‘That Kind of Girl’. (1963) Keith Murray.
‘The Informers’. (1963) Young Constable.
‘20,000 Suspects’. (1963) Brian Davis.
‘Doctor in Distress’. (1963) Dr Bell.
‘The Beauty Jungle’ (1963)  Harry.
‘Becket’ (1964) Brother John.
‘Witchcraft’ (1965) Todd Lanier.
‘Masque of the Red Death’ (1965) Gino.
‘Legend of Young Dick Turpin’ (1965) Dick Turpin.
‘Heroes of Telemark’ (1965) Arne.
‘Winter’s Tale’ (1966) Florizel.
‘The Red Baron’ (1970) Murphy.
‘Nobody Ordered Love’ (1970) Johnny Prescott.

King Lear  (2008)  The Gentleman.
The Doctors (2005)  ‘Father’s Day’ John Stephens.
The Gimlet Boys (2005) The Mayor.
Julian Fellowes Investigates (2005) ‘Happy Valley’. Barber.
Barbara (1999) ‘Coffee’ Mr Rogers.
Lovejoy (1993) ‘A Going Concern’. Geoffrey.
Macbeth  (1988) Malcolm
The Bill  (1987)  ‘With Friends Like That’. Mr Wilson.
Minder (1987) ‘A Number of Old Wives’ Tales’. Peter.
Eastenders (1985) Insurance Assessor.
By The Sword Divided (1985) Sea Captain.
King Lear (1982) Duke of Burgundy
Doctor Who. (1981) ‘Warrior’s Gate’. (4 Episodes) Biroc.
Oranges and Lemons (1975) Lead.
Softly, Softly. (1973)  ‘Trial’. Herbert Andrews.
Tomorrow People (1973)  ‘Vanishing Earth‘(2 episodes). Number 300
Special Branch (1973) ‘Polonaise’.  Wilson.
The Adventurer (1973) ‘The Solid Gold Hearse’. Fairley.
The Pathfinders (1972) ‘Fly There Walk Back’. Flight Lieutenant David Conway.
Z Cars (1972) Doctor Quilley.
Dixon of Dock Green (1972) PC Morgan
UFO (1972) ‘The Dalotek Affair‘. (2 Episodes) Phil Mitchell.
Love Story (1971) ‘Look Out it’s Margaret Mitchell’s Solicitors’. Lead.
Saturday Night Theatre (1970) ‘Fly Away Home’. Lead.
Pere Goriot. (1969) BBC Classic Serial. (4 Episodes) Bianchon.
Heiress of Garth (1965) BBC Classic Serial. (4 Episodes) Clement Ovington.
The Idiot (1965) BBC Classic Serial (2 Episodes)
Doctor Who (1964) ‘Massacre’ (4 Episodes) Nicholas Muss.
Romeo & Juliet (1963) ATV. Romeo.
Sergeant Cork (1963)
Tales of Mystery (1962) ‘The Telephone’. Lead.
Spread of the Eagle. BBC Shakespeare Series. (9 Episodes)